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What is Clinical Reflexology ?

Reflexology is a calming, relaxing complementary therapy which helps optimise the body’s own healing mechanisms.
Reflexologists believe that every part of the body is linked to a reflex area on the foot or ankle and we work on these areas with expert touch techniques to stimulate, rebalance, calm & soothe the corresponding parts of the body.

As a Clinical Reflexologist, I am qualified to the highest level available in the UK ;

Agored Cymru Level 5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology
Centralia Reflexology Mastership

and have worked successfully with clients presenting with a wide range of health concerns as well as those simply seeking the relaxing and rejuvenating effect of this pampering therapy.

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Everyone including the young, elderly, sick or stressed can benefit and enjoy the deep relaxation that reflexology brings about, but you don’t have to be unwell to benefit – some people simply like to enjoy a treatment once in a while as a way to unwind and feel pampered.

As a professional reflexologist, I do not claim to 'treat or cure' specific illness, however I do treat the whole person aiming for

Increased relaxation
Release of tension
Improved sleep
Improved mood
Increased wellbeing

In treating someone holistially by helping in these areas I can help them to cope with their illness or problem and this can realistically reduce symptoms.

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What to expect

During an initial consultation we will discuss your needs and I will ask you for information that will help me to formulate a treatment plan with you.

Most people enjoy being covered in a fleecy blanket with just their feet uncovered and soon find themselves drifting off during the treatment. My heated underblanket will keep you cosy in the cold months and the well insulated cabin is shaded by trees in the summer, making it a totally blissful experience at any time of the year.

A session will last for 1 hour from start to finish including a few minutes consultation time (plus add up to 20 minutes for the first consultation).

I usually start the treatment with a gentle sequence that covers all the body systems reflected on your feet and then work on the reflexes relating to symptoms we have discussed and my findings during the treatment. Afterwards we will discuss the treatment and any aftercare that may be relevant.

I may ask some clients to seek medical advice prior to treatment if there are any concerns about the suitability of reflexology for an individual, as reflexology is not a substitute for conventional medical treatment where that is required.

It is important for clients to understand that a professional reflexologist, does not diagnose or claim to cure illness – our aim is to assist the body to rebalance, encouraging self-healing to take place

You are welcome to download these guides for personal use

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